Sukkertøy for øyet levert av Glenda fra Toronto. Har problemer med å velge min favoritt. Disse?

"My passion for knitting began 28 years ago. I draw inspiration for my creations from my loved ones. This endeavour is made possible by their continued love and support.

When I was in elementary and high school, I always received a flower corsage from my father at the end of every school year. I loved the tradition then and it initially inspired me to create corsages that could be either pinned or worn on the wrist. As I designed my flowers, I realized that they could be used for other kinds of adornment as well.

I have had a total blast making this jewellry. While I can not hope to compete with Mother Nature's original creations, I can safely boast that my blossoms will not wither with the first snowfall."

2 kommentarer:

  1. Thanks very much Aneta! You are so sweet!

    Glenda : D

  2. Helt herlige! (lovely Glenda)


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